[KneeGuardKids2] Car Seat Footrest, Booster Seat Footrest (Grey)

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At the same time as youngsters are sitting at the automotive seat, their dangling legs are being pulled by means of gravity. If left on my own, and not using a intervention, the ligaments in childs knee could have steady pressure, and in the end it might result in enlargement issues. Because of this many youngsters instinctly take a seat crossed-legged at the automotive seat or placed their legs at the automotive seat armrest.

As a result of the no motion on legs, youngsters legs get pins and needles from loss of blood movement, and in addition, child would possibly get any signs reminiscent of numbness for the reason that the most important blood vessels flowing thru thigh are inspired. Because of this it’s same old that many youngsters instinctly kick the entrance seat.

It is usually very painful to the kid while their frame will get lean in opposition to the entrance, and the force from the seat belt will get intensified in case of unexpected stops. Because of this many youngsters throw a tantrum with their frame as an alternative.

KneeGuardKids protects childs knees from the gravity, and assist them to take a seat at the automotive seat frivolously and quite simply. The longer you employ the KneeGuardKids, the extra worth it has.

Please don’t glance away your childs frame language who’re too younger to precise themselves verbally.

Should you seek KneeGuardKids on Youtube, you’ll watch the introductory and broadcast video.

This product is exactly safe by means of patent and Layout.
US Patent 9089219
US Layout Patent D743725
US Trademark 4789479

NHTSA FMVSS 213 (Kid Restraint Techniques) PASSED
CPSIA H.R.4040 (Lead Content material in Substrates) PASSED
CPSIA H.R.4040 (Phthalates Content material) PASSED
ASTM F963 (Soluble Heavy Metals Content material in Substrate) PASSED

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