Sports Bag Moisture and Odour Absorber Dehumidifier

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Keeps sports bags, clothes and gym lockers fresh
Adsorbs odours, moisture and chemicals
Lasts 12 months

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The Howards Sports activities Bag Protectors stay garments refreshed and unfastened from odour, moisture and moths. Extra moisture, as innocuous as it is going to sound, is in truth what’s liable for musty smells, fungal growths and allergens in our cabinets, kitchens and different garage areas; all of which might be sooner or later dangerous to our well being. Through combating those issues, Howards vary of moisture and odour absorbers no longer handiest offer protection to your property, but in addition purify the air for your garage areas.
Assists in keeping Sports activities luggage, garments and fitness center lockers recent
Adsorbs odours, moisture and chemical substances
Lasts 12 months
1 x 25 gms sachet

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