Yellow Weaves Floral Design Fridge Top Cover and 2 Handle Covers – Silver

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Package Content : Fridge Top Cover & 2 Handle Cover
Product Dimension : Fridge Top Cover – 21 X 42 Inches, Fridge Handle Cover – 14 X 6 Inches
Colour : Silver Grey


Yellow Weaves Brings Refrigerator Best Duvet & Take care of Duvet To Strengthen The Attractiveness Of Your House. We Believes In Making Your Lifestyles Vibrant And Fascinating. 1) This Duvet Given An Horny Glance To The Refrigerator And Stay It Protected With The Yellow Weaves Refrigerator Best Duvet & Door Foldable Take care of Duvet. 2) The Such a lot Touched Phase Of The Refrigerator Will get Grimy & Fades By means of The Time. However Now You Can Stay It Protected & Blank With This Duvet. three) It Will Make Your Refrigerator Just right & Other From Others. four) Simple To Use. five) It Comes With Same old Measurement Which Works On All Sorts/Measurement Of Refrigerator. 6) Those Covers Are Simply The Proper Resolution For The Repairs Of Your Refrigerator.
Bundle Content material : Refrigerator Best Duvet & 2 Take care of Duvet
Product Size : Refrigerator Best Duvet – 21 X 42 Inches, Refrigerator Take care of Duvet – 14 X 6 Inches
Color : Silver Gray
Simple to scrub & care for
It lets you Stay your Refrigerator Protected and unfastened from stain, mud & scratches

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