HIKARI Betta Bio-Gold Aquarium Fish Food, 20g

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Enhances the colour of the fishes thanks to the presence of asthaxanthin
A rich source of protein
Ideal for betta fishes

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Hikari betta bio-gold has been Evolved after really extensive analysis into the consuming conduct and dietary necessities of bettas. This floating pellet has been sparsely balanced to satisfy the dietary wishes of your puppy. The inclusion of top class-make a selection fish meal which gives an exceptional protein supply, which is helping Complements shade, grape seed extract (polyphenol) which has been proven to scale back the affects of getting older and spirulina which obviously gives a top focus of usable nutrients make this a day by day nutrition completely fitted to bettas and their top rigidity nature. Search for our different top class diets which your betta may even revel in; micro waferstm, bio-natural frozen blood worms and bio- natural fd freeze dried blood worms. Evolved, produced and packaged in our amenities so we will be able to be confident you can at all times get the most efficient.
Complements the color of the fishes way to the presence of asthaxanthin
A wealthy supply of protein
Perfect for betta fishes

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