ZZ ZONEX Talking Tom Toy Cat (Talking/Respond Back/Sing Song)

388.00 (as of August 12, 2018, 2:16 pm)

Weight: 200 grams
Color: Grey
Height of the toy: 19.5 cm, Width of the toy: 10.5 cm, Length of the toy: 8 cm


Permit your youngsters and also you too fall in love with superb lovable, at all times responding speaking Tom with Contact facility now. Allow us to to find out now what all Tom will provide you with. It data and speaks again to you. Sings songs, inform tales and a lot more. Operation of the toy could be very easy. Simply Contact the Tom at following puts and also you get the reaction. Communicate anything else to The data and says the similar factor again to you. Contact left ear and Tom will sing Gangnam Taste, If I ain’t were given you, Child, No one, Creep, Aankhen Khuli, Teddy automobile, I stuck a fish, You carry me up and Ten little palms. Contact proper ear and Tom will narrate The canine and his bone, Father & Son, A starvation rabbit, Buzzy bee’s day, How a colt crossed the river, Kangaroos and the cage, Mendacity through the tree to stay up for, The cow and the crow, The farmer and the snake and The canine and the shadow.
Weight: 200 grams
Colour: Gray
Top of the toy: 19.5 cm, Width of the toy: 10.5 cm, Period of the toy: 8 cm

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